LIQUICURE (poly-ureaurethane, 16%) 15ML

Liquicure is indicated for managing signs and symptoms of nail dystrophy, i.e., nail splitting and nail fragility, for intact or damaged nails.




LIQUICURE (poly-ureaurethane, 16%) 15ML

Liquicure is indicated for managing signs and symptoms of nail dystrophy, i.e., nail splitting and nail fragility, for intact or damaged nails.

About LiquiCure


LIQUICURE is formulated to mechanically support the damaged nail plate using a proprietary polymer blend that creates a strong adhesion to the nail surface, forming a breathable barrier while protecting and strengthening the nail. This breathable barrier allows for oxygen transfer to the nail plate while blocking water absorption therefore preventing the wet-dry cycle that leads to damaged nails. Daily application of LIQUICURE will protect the nail from harm caused by work activity such as direct abrasion and friction. The clinical benefits of LIQUICURE have recently been documented in a clinical study published by the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology

How to Apply LiquiCure

Directions For Use

  • Application is recommended once a day before bedtime.

  • Remove bottle cap, dip applicator into product and wipe off excess on lip of bottle.

  • Apply in even strokes to affected nail plate [in entirety], proximal and lateral folds, and the distal tip.

  • Allow the product to dry completely before applying pads or clothing.

  • Replace cap on bottle when not in use.

  • Clean affected nails with nail polish remover once a week or more often if needed.

  • Nail polish may be worn on top of LiquiCure. Do not apply polish until LiquiCure is completely dry. Polish must be removed before the next application of LiquiCure.



LiquiCure (poly-ureaurethane, 16%) NAIL SOLUTION is indicated for managing signs and symptoms of nail dystrophy, i.e., nail splitting and nail fragility, for intact or damaged nails. LiquiCure coats and adheres to the nail surface preventing direct abrasion and friction on the nail surface while also providing protection against the effects of moisture.


Do not apply directly to deep, open, or profusely bleeding wounds. Product is flammable in liquid form; avoid using near open flames and sources of ignition. Use in a well-ventilated area.

Keep out of reach of children.

Store at room temperature away from heat. Do not allow product to come into contact with floors, counter tops, furniture or other finished surfaces – will stain. May temporarily sting upon application. Persons sensitized to isocyanate should not use this product. Should redness or other signs of irritation appear, discontinue use and consult your healthcare provider.



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The unique power of LiquiCure

LiquiCure changes the microenvironment of the nail bed, making it inhospitable to fungi. Once applied, LiquiCure forms a barrier that is moisture-resistant, yet breathable. By creating an adverse environment for fungal growth, a healthy nail can regrow and prevent/reduce the chance of future infection.




  • Penetrates intercellular spaces and nail surface ridges
  • Creates a stable, yet flexible molecular structure
  • Generates mechanical support
  • Helps maintain proper moisture balance
  • Allows for oxygen transfer for optimal keratin formation

LiquiCure is patient friendly:

  • No age restriction
  • No duration restriction
  • Drug-free prescription device
  • Seconds to apply, minutes to dry