LIQUICURE?--A New topical product to treat nail damage is now available in China

Release time: 2020-09-10 Article source: Chesson Labs

Chesson Labs is pleased to announce that LIQUICURE?--A New topical

product to treat nail damage approved by the National Medical

Products Administration (NMPA) is now available in China

Revolutionary LIQUICURE is simple to use and delivers significant results on both damaged fingernails and toenails

Raleigh, N.C. (September 10, 2020)

TechnoDerma Medicine Inc. (“TechnoDerma”) a dermatology company based in Jiaxing, along with its subsidiary “Euderma” Biotechnology company in Shanghai, is pleased to announce the NMPA approval of LIQUCIURE nail solution, a novel consumer product to help manage fragile, damaged or brittle nails with cracking or splitting, a condition medically referred to as "nail dystrophy". LIQUICURE is immediately available in the China market.

TechnoDerma has licensed LIQUICURE from Chesson Laboratory Associates, Inc. (“Chesson Labs”), a global leader in polymer-based wound and nail care products based in the United States.

Among the most common forms of nail dystrophy is Brittle Nail Syndrome (BNS), which often is referred to simply as "brittle nails." Studies show that, on average, 20% or more of the population is affected by BNS and women are affected twice as often as men. (1) BNS may have various origins and is characterized by increased fragility of the nail plate. Patients who experience BNS, or other types of nail dystrophy, report their nails are painful and impair daily activities, which often negatively impacts their occupational abilities. (1)

LIQUICURE is formulated to mechanically support the damaged nail plate using a proprietary polymer blend that creates a strong adhesion to the nail surface, forming a breathable barrier while protecting and strengthening the nail. This breathable barrier allows for oxygen transfer to the nail plate while blocking water absorption therefore preventing the wet-dry cycle that leads to damaged nails. Daily application of LIQUICURE will protect the nail from harm caused by work activity such as direct abrasion and friction. The clinical benefits of LIQUICURE have been documented in a clinical study published by the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology (2).

"Nail dystrophy issues have been bothering Chinese people for years, but there has not been a good clinical solution available in China until LIQUICURE. I am very glad to cooperate with Chesson Labs and in-license LIQUICURE for China. This launch is a great start and we will work with Chesson Labs to license more quality products into China” said, Dr. Zengquan Wang, President and CEO, TechnoDerma.

“We are pleased to partner with TechnoDerma and their experienced dermatology development staff on the launch of LIQUICURE in China. LIQUICURE is the first of several products that the we will launch in the China market with the cooperation and in partnership with TechnoDerma” said, Scott E. Neuville, President and CEO, Chesson Laboratory Associates, Inc.

About Chesson Laboratory Associates, Inc.

Chesson Laboratory Associates, Inc. (“Chesson Labs”) is a medical device company which was founded in 2006. The Company is based in Durham, North Carolina USA. The mission of Chesson Labs is “To be the worldwide market leader in polymer-based nail and skin wound care products". Chesson Labs’ licensees have launched its’ nail product(s) in the United States, Australia, Canada, China, India, New Zealand and Singapore. The Company is currently seeking a JV partner to complete development of its’ United States prescription onychomycosis (nail fungus) product that has shown promising results.

About TechnoDerma Medicines Inc.
TechnoDerma Medicines Inc.(”TechnoDerma”)was founded in Xiuzhou, Jiaxing, Zhejiang in March 2014. TechnoDerma focuses on the discovery and development of novel medicines and new treatment technologies for skin and nail related diseases. The company has built a First-in-Class globalnew drug R&D platform specializing in skin and nail related diseases. The company is committed to become a leading dermatological drug discovery and development company globally and bring novel treatments to patients with skin diseases.


(1) Scher RK. Brittle nails. Int J Dermatol 1989;28:515-6

(2) Nasir A, Goldstein B, van Cleeff M, Swick L. Clinical evaluation of safety and efficacy of a new topical treatment for onychomycosis. J Drugs Dermatol. 2011; 10(10): 1186-91.